I believe that everyone has the opportunity to be better today than you were yesterday, life is and can be brutal at times but the truth and honesty of what life delivers is education and we should never be afraid of learning and that goes from our own mistakes and failures. Becoming one of life’s winners is something everyone is capable of if you really want it.

At 42 I’ve had a lot of experiences in my life that’s shaped who I am today, from East London beginnings, growing up was all about learning to appreciate what you have but overcome the daily challenges and obstacles life gave us. My success in life hasn’t come from an academic education, understanding balance in life and happiness is a powerful thing, excepting enough just wasn’t enough, the desire to strive for better today than yesterday was the motivation.

Some people would ask who motivates the motivator, my answer is my inner resolve to achieve, I’m a leader better me and though around me that I am never satisfied – I disagree. Life is too short to settle for what you have when you can continue to move forward and achieve more for you and for those around you.