Nick Dixon

"I have worked with various coaches, including some of the most well-known (and most expensive) in the country, and Perry beats them all.

His background in triathlon coaching means he approaches working with a client like working with an elite athlete. This means getting the fundamentals in place that actually make an immediate difference to your life, rather than esoteric concepts that sound interesting but don’t actually do anything.

I have made more positive changes in a short time working with Perry than I have with any other form of coaching or therapy.

Highly recommended!"

Nick Dixon

Professional Comedian

Sacha Trude

"Feeling depressed, exhausted after having lost 2 members of my family, a job I hated, I felt I was trapped until I started life coaching with Perry.

At first I was very sceptical; yes I wanted to make changes to my life but how was this going to help?

Perry is honest, understanding and immediately I felt comfortable opening up. I felt he really knew me, even after the first session I felt so positive.

Perry has given me the tools and skills to make choices that are right for me."

Sacha Trude

Global Logistics  

Louella Oherlihy

"2019 was a shocking personal year for me. I did do a lot of “self-work” - reading, listening, therapy, etc.... but what Perry did is give me the “a-ha moment” - the missing piece! This allowed me to bring all I had been doing together and finally make sense of it. He then guided me through getting strong again and back to being “me”. Thank you Perry."

Louella Oherlihy


Shola Kaye

"I've really enjoyed working with Perry. He goes beyond the stereotypical coach by making recommendations and giving advice. He's also not afraid of giving his coaching clients a good talking to if he feels that's what they need, which is quite refreshing! Perry's advice is no-nonsense and he's also extremely flexible. Our coaching sessions have ranged from exploring parent-child relationships, to career direction to productivity and time management. I'd definitely recommend him if you're looking for a coach who's not afraid of making suggestions and helping you play a bigger and better game."

Shola Kaye

Empathy Speaker, Communication Specialist, Author

"I was recently promoted at work and although exciting it was daunting, Perry helped me to successfully explore and develop my own leadership confidence, presence and identity, leadership qualities and helped me to navigate the challenges of being a leader so that I could not only develop my own confidence but also the motivation and trust within my team."

Sally Ryan

Senior Executive

"I’ve worked with many business coaches and life coaches, some good and some not so good, but Perry’s approach is very different, he gets to the route of the problem quick, he brings a leadership flair to the table and demands respect whilst carrying out the tasks.

His positive honest and brutal approach at times can make you step back and gasp as his talking about your beloved company and work force but the guy pulls no punches. He brings an elite performance mentality to your board room and makes you accountable to him.

Perry as this very unique ability to understand what you want before you do which is kind of freaky but once you listen to his method and then the changes his made to not only my life but my workforce is just remarkable.

Perry is one of the most inspiring people I have ever come across and trust me I’ve worked with many in my life as a business owner.

We continue to work with Perry and Highly recommended him to others."

Mark Davies

CEO Management Consultancy

"From the very first phone call I had with Perry he inspired me to be a better person, his energy and positive way of thinking encouraged me to do the same which was very helpful.

His ability to read a person was parent straight away and it was like he had known me for many years. He brings all his experience to the table working with athletes and at first you cannot see how that would help but it does more than you’d ever think.

I had achieved a lot in my career, I’ve held high profile corporate roles for many years, but I felt that I’d lost my way to achieve that next level of accomplishment. Perry’s help and guidance changed my way of thinking, his style to be honest and tell the truth made me think differently about what I was doing wrong and why.

I’d recommend Perry to anyone that needs help to succeed in the career or life."

Natasha Watts 

Financial Services

"Since having life coaching with Perry I now feel like I can move my life forward with confidence. For a couple of years I felt like my life came to a standstill and also didn’t believe in myself lacked self confidence and basically got stuck in a rut. Having life coaching opened up at lot of doors and with the right questions asked I was able to start dealing with the obstacles I was facing, dealing with each problem one by one. Each session gave me a lot thinking to do but also every time built on my confidence to make me realise I can do this. I now feel much more content as a person and restored self believe and motivated.

I would not hesitate in recommending Perry, he looks at the bigger picture, gets to know you as an individual and has given me the self believe and ability to move on."

Holly May

Business Owner