About Me

I believe becoming one of life’s winners is something everyone is capable of — if you really want it.

Everyone has the opportunity to be better today than they were yesterday.

Life is brutal at times, but it delivers education, and we should never be afraid of learning.

When looking back at certain moments in your life you make your biggest, most life-changing decisions, one of those experiences for me was back in 2011, I was in the best shape of my life, training for Ironman Triathlons.

I was out on a training ride one day when the unthinkable happened: a car overtook me and instantly turned left across my path, completely wiping me out…

I don’t remember exactly what happened...all I remember is time slowing down, knowing I was about to be hit, and not knowing what the outcome would be.

Fear rushed across my body at 100mph.

But in those last seconds I managed to use my fear in a controlled state, visualising the best outcome and trying to minimise the damage by going with the car.

From reports, I flew up into the air then came crashing down, hitting the side of my head on the car and then the pavement (I was very lucky to be wearing a helmet).

That moment changed my life.

I was diagnosed with a minor brain injury, which meant a spell of short and long term memory loss, plus other complex medical problems, and being told I might never be the same person again…

On hearing this news, I was hit with a wave of deep emotion. For a moment it felt suffocating: you want to rewind the clock instantly, you have frustration and anger which you can’t control until you begin to calm yourself, think differently, and channel that energy in another way.

After a very brief phase of self-pity, I instantly changed my thought patterns, and my desire and motivation to prove others wrong was like never before.

I wasn’t going to allow this to change my life, unless it was for the better.

Exercise was tough at the beginning. But through constant will and desire, exactly 12 months from the date of my accident, I completed another Ironman.

I am now using everything I’ve learnt in my 42 years of experience in life, training, and coaching elite athletes to help you become one of life's champions.

Perry Agass